The road behind, then and now

Journeys leave us with valuable experience. They sometimes turn our lives around and lead us the way, where a new journey begins. This is how Samarpan and Palash got into Pulse. Their musical journey, started during their college days unfolded new gullies and by-lanes that eventually made them walk towards opening this one stop musical instrument store together.

Samarpan and Palash are pals for decades. They explored the world of music together and shared a common passion that is Guitar. Although they took lessons from different Gurus, they shared as much as musical moments together as possible.

Samarpan chose to be a professional musician after finishing his studies. A student of Guitar Maestro Amyt Datta, he was part of a famous Bengali rock band. He also worked with a number of contemporary music directors and singers. He played for a number of movie background scores and Ad Jingles.

Palash had another dream to pursue. He is from a family which was running a successful business for years. Taking the business to new heights was a goal he wanted to achieve. He shed hard efforts to make it happen. But he was never away from music and his Guitar. This is why he immediately accepted the proposal of opening Pulse somewhere around 2009 and the store opened its door in 2010.

And this is how Pulse is different from other music shops. It is run by musicians. The musical and business expertise of the duo has made it a store that has a range of Indian and Western instruments, offered under different price brackets. Pulse is a proud retailer of reputed International brands like Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Korg, Fender, Ibanez, Gibson, Marshall, Laney, Tama and Pearl to name a few. Branded recording and sound equipment are also on the list.

Apart from the founders, the Pulse team is comprised of other passionate music people. They have in-depth knowledge of instruments and so help the customers choose wisely, keeping in mind their specific requirements. Any aspirant musician who walks in is well-guided to find a product that is suitable for him. Customers are also provided with helpful tips on how to take care of the instruments. Besides, Pulse is powered by experienced service engineers who are ready to sort out any kind of after sales issues.